Craig Huddart

Craig Huddart

As CEO, Co-Founder and co-owner of The Rocket Group, Founder of Rocket Heritage & Archaeology, and Director of Rocket Ecology, Rocket Architectural Design and Rocket Construction, Craig is responsible for the daily operations and business direction of the company, overseeing the development and continued growth of the business across the UK, whilst still also having oversight of the technical side of the business. The Rocket Group is the multidisciplinary overarching business of which RHA Ltd is a constituent part. This ensures that the architectural, construction and ecology arms of the group work efficiently alongside Rocket Heritage & Archaeology.

Craig is an approachable, experienced archaeology and heritage consultant and practitioner with numerous years’ experience within the industry. He has significant and notable experience in managing diverse, complex and large-scale infrastructure projects and works on behalf of a multitude of clients in a variety of sectors.

Craig has managed a number of high value schemes across the UK, with the value often in excess of £1 billion – he oversees and manages renewables projects, large scale residential and mixed-use developments, energy and utilities projects, whilst also taking the time to look after individuals or smaller schemes. He has managed and overseen several multi-disciplinary schemes, taking responsibility for multiple disciplines.

Craig has a strong focus on client and stakeholder engagement, working closely with clients and tailoring projects to suit their varying needs. He also has a strong fieldwork background and has worked extensively across the UK on a variety of site types and ranges of complexity, both within field archaeology and consultancy, and has lived and worked in North and South America.