Protected Species Licences

Where works may cause disturbance to a Protected Species, or damage/modify their resting place it is necessary to apply for a mitigation licence from Natural England, NatureScot or Natural Resources Wales.

Licences are most often required for works that may involve the habitat of badgers, bats, barn owls, great crested newts, otter and water voles, although other species require licences too.

Rocket Ecology hold mitigation licences for various species and can support at any stage of your project. We can advise on the process involved, timescales, required mitigation and draft mitigation plans to support your licence application.

Our Ecologists are Bat Earned Recognition Scheme accredited meaning that for some species of bats we can reduce the decision time by Natural England from 3 months down to 3 weeks.

Get in touch to discuss your licensing requirements with our specialist ecologists.

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