Protected Species Surveys

If during a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) there was evidence of, or the potential for, protected species on-site and within the vicinity of the site, further protected species surveys are required. The results of the protected species surveys will inform the Ecological Impact Assessment (EcIA) to assess the impact of the proposed development, implement avoidance and mitigation measures, and implement compensation and enhancement measures.

Protected species surveys include:

  • GCN: eDNA analysis, presence/likely absence, and population surveys.
  • Bats: Preliminary Roost Assessment (PRA), dusk emergence/dawn return surveys, activity surveys.
  • Reptiles: Presence/likely absence surveys.
  • Badger: Field signs survey, sett monitoring, pre-commencement surveys.
  • Birds: Breeding bird surveys, wintering bird surveys, vantage point surveys, barn owl surveys, specific species surveys, nesting bird checks.
  • Water vole and/or otter: Habitat assessment, field signs survey, camera trap monitoring.
  • Hazel dormouse: Nest tubes/box surveys, nut searches.
  • Invertebrates: Habitat assessment, presence/likely absence surveys, specific species surveys.
  • White-clawed crayfish: Presence/likely absence surveys.

Depending on the results, a protected species licence/s may be required if there is potential for unavoidable impact which would contravene legislation. The licence/s will safeguard the species and ensure legal compliance.

For more information about protected species surveys, contact Rocket Ecology to speak to one of our accredited and experienced ecologists, to guide you through the planning process.

Water Vole Surveys

As a threatened species, water vole surveys are an important tool for monitoring their populations and identifying threats to their survival.

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Bat Surveys

Identifying the presence and monitoring the behaviour of bats through techniques such as direct observation, sound detection and genetic sampling.

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Badger Surveys

Badgers surveys are used to identify and protect badger populations, helping to ensure that these protected species continue to thrive.

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Bird Surveys

Birds are an integral part of our ecosystem. They control insect populations and spread seeds, which helps to keep our environment healthy.

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Newt Surveys

By monitoring newt populations and identifying threats to their survival, we can help to ensure that newts continue to thrive in the wild.

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Reptile Surveys

Reptiles can be found in lots of different habitat including grassland, heathland, scrub and woodland.

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Otter Surveys

Otter surveys help protect otter populations by monitoring abundance and distribution, identifying threats and promoting conversation.

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